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my artist/portfolio website
Hello community, I would like to say that I'm happy about my website being powered by GetSimple.
You can visit it at (it's still portuguese-only, but it's about mostly images and the artwork I do so language isn't really a barrier).

I started this website in 2008 as a experimental place and since then it shifted to a more organized form.
GetSimple did not get in the way in the designing process and I learned how to theme it in about 30-40 minutes with a few catches.

I would like to mention this guy "mvlcek", he is a GetSimple hero with such nice plugins and attention to the forums.

Hope you like it!

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The world could use a new Hieronymus Bosch! Keep up the great work, and when you do the English translation, … repost.
Wow! I can't help but comment on this site. I felt like I was instantly transported back to the 90's and the heyday of Geocities. Normally this would be a negative, however with the artists work it seems completely appropriate.

Excellent work!

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