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GST-Impress - Redefining GetSimpleCMS
Hi All,

We're excited to bring you all a new 'experimental' theme from, hope you enjoy playing with this theme! Smile

[Image: gst-impress.png]

GST Impress is our latest dive into the skunkworks here at GetSimpleThemes. Reinventing the way we use GetSimpleCMS, simply put - redefining CMS.

GST-Impress is based upon the fantastic work by Bartaz with the plugin Impress.js. GST-Impress allows GetSimpleCMS users to quickly and easily create fantastic presentations with total flexibility.

Some of the theme’s features include:

Complete customisation of slides position (X,Y,Z axis position and rotation).
Able to scale pages inherently using page option.
Theme includes the usage of 'variables' enabling page positioning to be inter-related.

Further Info and Download:
very nice
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Am I right that it is working with Flash? That mght be a problem for users who have Flash disabled

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@connie, no all Javascript.. although a modern enough browser is needed for the CSS transitions.

requirments for impress.js are here
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