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GetSimple Contact

I thought i would share my contact plugin i used on some of my sites so i updated a few things in it and uploaded it.

  • Call sc_get_component('contact-page-slug') in a component (for example a sidebar component)
    This also fixes multiple form (duplicates) conflicts (like validation/wysihtml5 editor issues) for components.
  • Enable/disable SMTP+SMTP Authentication + configurations
  • Enable/disable frontend attachments (currently max 1 attachment with a 1MB max filesize and [.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat), .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document), .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation), .odt (OpenDocument Text Document), .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)] file types are allowed)
  • Enable/disable frontend wysihtml5 editor
  • Frontend multi language support (i18n setlang and lang params)
  • Multiple recipients - check the configuration section below for details
  • Frontend validation (jQuery) + backend validation (checks against form fields to make sure nothing more/less was posted than the available/whitelisted fields)
  • Each time the form is loaded it will generate a random token (for validating the form).
    The 5 latest tokens are always available.
  • HackLog - If invalid token is posted or invalid form fields a simple HackLog is emailed to a superadmin email (can be set in the admin panel)
  • reCaptcha service - minimal configuration required
  • OpenCaptcha service - no configuration required
  • Enable/disable captcha services fully
  • Minimal message editor (wysihtml5 editor)
  • Uses PHPMailer class to send mails (planned to add settings to choose smtp/mail)
  • Uses html2text class to send both html & plain text emails
Planned features:
  • Refactor some code to avoid the above mentioned duplicate forms for valid html with multiple forms on the same page (currently if multiple forms are added to the same page they become duplicates and they break the validation, wysihtml5 editor, smileys, etc)
  • Add optional settings for forms
  • Unzip the archive into your plugins folder
  • Activate the plugin in the administration area
  • Just overwrite all the old files with new ones
Configuration: (There are a few settings that must be filled/changed before you can use the plugin)
  • Go to your administration area -> plugins and open Configure GetSimple Contact from the sidebar menu
  • Set the Superadmin name & Superadmin email to your name & email! (only one name and email can and must be set)
  • Set the Recipient names & Recipient emails separated by commas
    Note that names and emails are merged together by their position so here is an example:
    Recipient name:
    Recipient One, Recipient Two
    Recipient email:,
    They will become:
    Recipient One -
    Recipient Two -
  • Enable/disable captcha services
  • OpenCaptcha - if you choose OpenCaptcha you have nothing else to configure from here.
  • reCaptcha - if you choose reCaptcha you have to set public and private keys
  • Set the reCaptcha Public Key to your reCaptcha Public Key
  • Set the reCaptcha Private Key to your reCaptcha Private Key
Note: The reCaptcha keys are set by default. They are made with localhost domain and set to global keys so they should work but it is recommended that you create your own since i will remove them at a later time and maybe add no captcha settings.
Get your own reCaptcha keys here simply with your google account.

In future versions two more captcha services will be added (numeric & text)

  • Add [sc_form] tag to any page where you want your form to appear

Frontend images:
Backend image:

Demo 1: GetSimple Contact
Demo 2: GetSimple Contact

Download: GetSimple Contact 1.3.0 - Download from Extend

Note: I hope you GetSimple guys dont mind about the name (i couldnt really come up with a better one) so just let me know if i should change.

  • 1.0.1 - Small fixes
  • 1.0.2 - Added settings to enable/disable reCaptcha
  • 1.1.0:
    - Multiple recipients
    - HackLog - (email to superadmin)
    - OpenCaptcha
    - Enable/disable captcha services
    - Extra form validation (token+white listed fields)
    - Fix UTF-8 Characters in frontend Name, Subject, Message
    - Some really small other things
  • 1.1.1 - Small fixes/additions on token validation
  • 1.1.2 - Small fixes/additions on form fields
  • 1.2.0:
    - Frontend multi language support based on i18n setlang & lang params added
    - Enable/disable frontend wysihtml5 editor
    - wysihtml5 editor smileys
    - Some code has been rewritten
    - Other small changes/fixes/additions
  • 1.2.1:
    - Added sc_get_page_content() (more info above)
    - Small change/addition on captcha template/js
  • 1.2.2 - Previously unchanged version fixed
  • 1.3.0:
    - Added SMTP Configuration (enable/disable/configure from backend)
    - Added frontend attachments (enabled/disable from backend)
    - Small changes/additions on multi language detection
    - Small changes/additions on other parts of the code
Version number explained:

1 - Major update/patch
0 - Minor update/patch
2 - Small/miscellaneous update/patch
address can not be replaced
Thanks for the reply/report.
I forgot to change one small thing when saving the xml.
Sorry for the inconvenience, uploaded new version 1.0.1

GetSimple Contact 1.0.1 - Download from Extend

Just overwrite the existing files with the new ones
A captcha can be removed at all? It's too complicated.
is it possible to replace the captcha or choose different captchas or disabling
Well currently cannot remove or choose different captcha but I will add enable/disable right now cause I got some free time ^^

Also its a planned feature to enable/disable reCaptcha and maybe add other captcha services.

Do you know any good captcha services?
Thanks I will take a look at them and choose one to add.

Version 1.0.2
reCaptcha status in settings now. (you can enable/disable reCaptcha)

GetSimple Contact 1.0.2 - Download from Extend

Just overwrite the existing files with the new ones.
plugin is simple to use and works well, I do not know what about safety
Well the backend (admin panel) atm has no check on form inputs since i assume nobody will try to hack/abuse his/her own site.
The frontend (the actual contact form) has the basic checks that is needed i think and i plan to add some extra stuff like generating random tokens and compare against each other (backend<->frontend) to make sure form is submitted from the original site + making sure nothing else (other fields) is submitted just the allowed form fields and also a simple log system to log all attempts in a log file or send them to the admin email.
These stuff will come in the next "minor" update/patch along with some other stuff mentioned in the first post.
on your site captcha digital, it makes more sense.
is it possible to somehow make that the numbers were always? Smile
Well reCaptcha doesnt allow forcing specific type captchas (if im not wrong) so thats not possible. But in the future versions (with new captcha systems added) i think you will be able to choose (i have to check those captchas you linked to see if they allow if not then maybe add one text captcha and one numeric and you can choose which one to display or display both randomly).
Version 1.1.0 available in Extend

GetSimple Contact 1.1.0 - Download from Extend

Just overwrite the existing files with the new ones.
Yes, the digital image CAPTCHA is a lot better. And insert links, in my opinion, unnecessary. It is better to insert a dozen smiles.
I like the idea with the smileys. Ill add it to my to-do-list for the next minor update along with the numeric captcha.
I do not understand how to insert into the template?
just super plugin

i kept getting "invalid form data" after i click send button when i use this form in front end
eventhough i disable or enable the captcha, also i had try both captcha and no email coming here

any idea what i did wrong ?

Maybe to switch labels on the placeholder
(2013-10-19, 00:40:08)boa Wrote: I do not understand how to insert into the template?

You just have to insert [sc_form] tag anywhere in your page/on any page.

(2013-10-19, 03:23:30)griskle Wrote: Hello

i kept getting "invalid form data" after i click send button when i use this form in front end
eventhough i disable or enable the captcha, also i had try both captcha and no email coming here

any idea what i did wrong ?

Based on what your backend settings are theres a few things that causes invalid form data error.
Your form contains a + field on frontend that is not white listed (white list is generated automatically based on what you choose on backend. example: If you dont use captcha all captcha fields are removed from white list so you cant resubmit a form previously sent)
Also everytime the contact form is refreshed a new token is set and when you submit a form the token is checked to see if its the previously (correct) set token else it throws invalid data form.
If no emails are sent at all then it might be something related to your php mail() function since the default PHPMailer setting is to use mail() but normally the PHPMailer throws an error if the processing fails else it might be some misconfiguration only.
I will also add a simple debug so if such things happen it will automatically generate a report.
But until that maybe you can give me your website address so i can take a look?
hello Kolyok
thanks for your replay

you are correct, lately something wierd happend on my hosting, actually i have another php mail contact i create my self but that was resulting error too

i will ask to my hosting first, this could be problem they blocked the phpmailer or such to avoid spam, i will get back here once i have information about this

i have pm'ed you my url
Version 1.1.1 available in Extend

GetSimple Contact 1.1.1 - Download from Extend

Just overwrite the existing files with the new ones.
Thanks for the plugin, and it works.
Wishes - enable/disable the upload files from your local computer and their number in one letter. And the weight of the plug-large.
please switch label on the placeholder, because I have to constantly break plugins
(2013-10-19, 14:57:17)Oleg06 Wrote: please switch label on the placeholder, because I have to constantly break plugins

What exactly you mean? The id/name of the input fields? (theres no placeholder at all on the current fields)

Or if you mean any name that appears on frontend you can check those in the plugins language file.
Every string that appears on backend/frontend is there.

Or you mean i should add placeholders for fields?

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