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A couple of questions

Just want to say I really like the look of this cms. It appears to be nice and simple.

Anyway I have a couple of questions and I apologise if they have been asked and answered before - but im useless at seaching on forums!.

1) Can you have different sidebars on different pages? or do you have to create a new temple for each page with a different call to each sidebar?

2) It is possible to assign a extension to the pages when you have "Pretty URL's"? so instead of saying "" it says ""

1: you might want to check this script I made quiet a while ago, it will allow you to get components on a page per page basis.

2: I believe others have done so before, it shouldn’t be more than a pretty basic .htaccess change. If you change it to expect .html behind the URL it’ll allow for it. After that you’ll need to change the find_url() function to append the .html to the page links. The current system and hopefully all future plugins use that function to generate links meaning that once you made it use .html it will do so on all links website wide.
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