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New plugin in development
I am in the process of creating a Small XML user system plugin. This will be completely separate from the administation system.. I am trying to decide what the eat way to protect the pages would be from within the administration system. Currently there is already a keep private option in the page options. I would like to be able to use this, but I don't beleve I can (please correct me if I am wrong).

So should I just create a new checkbox and call it like 'Members Only'?

I should have this plugin coded in about 12 hours (I have to work And go to school first)
if you would be interested in helping me beta test this plugin, i will release it to approximately 5 people. Shoot me a pm an I'll send you a link when I get it ready.)
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It might not be completely impossible to make it work with the private option. I never really looked into that to be fair. You’ll have to check in the core whether you can launch plugin code before it cuts off to the 403.

Too bad I wont have the time to beta test these next 12 hours Sad
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