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PROBLEM White admin page
Hi all,

After logging in the admin, the page is totally white. Even the page source it's empty.

Also strange is that the homepage no longer shows the content (text & img). I assume this has to do with one another.

Any idea how to fix this?
Help is wanted

Greetings Tom.
this is a fresh install ?

1. check a .HTACCESS file for RewriteBase root directory
# Usually it RewriteBase is just '/', but
# replace it with your subdirectory path
RewriteBase /
if get simple is on some folder... you must change name to:
RewriteBase /name_of_folder/
where name_of_folder is you folder name Wink

2. check on ftp plugins folder in get simple directory
maybe you was install and activate some plugin.. what was crash a some get simple functions (or maybe two plugins have incapability...
if yes.... try to copy all files from get simple plugins directory for you hard drive (backup it) and try delete (or rename) php files from plugin directory one by one and check that the admin area will be visible now..

try install a fresh (new version) of get simple

4. what server do You use ?
check in:
user plugin: scroll to top
Hi xxdex,
Thank you for your response.

This is a working website for several years and updated multiple times, but suddenly this problem.
The website owner could tell no more than that the website did not work anymore ...

I will install new version
php white screen of death.

check your error.txt or turn on debug mode
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Hi all,

I had to clear the content on "data/pages/index.xml". No idea why, but it kept crashing on the homepage. And I received the old content by using that same index.xml in "". And added that old content again. It worked Smile

In the admin, trying to edit a page, I can not add text if the plugin "i18n_navigation" is enabled. This because the content texteara is missing!

The error.txt did not give much information. The debug mode was pointed to a few points in the direction of the "i18n_navigation" plugin. I did not make notes, sorry

The website is live again so the big problem is solved for now.
Yeah that's where backups come in so handy. I had to face the white screen of death a few weeks back and was VERY happy I had the wisdom to back everything up on a regular basis.
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Yeah its always possible for a new plugin or an upgrade to one to break stuff.
Or sometimes your host changes something.

Its important to take note of your error logs ( these are basically 500 fatal errors , and will be logged as such in php error log also ) and report it, so we know what the cause was and prevent it in the future using checking or preventing corruption, namely xml, that might cause this.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
The text area problem would be a javascript error, so you have to check your browser console for that.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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