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Foundation5 with sass/compass support

I made a clean responsive theme based on the Foundation 5.4.7 Framework.
It support scss stylesheets.

All the original Foundation scss-files are included, and removed the unnecessary directories.

Download: Foundation5-sass

Unpack and upload the Foundation-theme to your theme-directory.

Install SASS and COMPASS. (For a tutorial howto install sass and compass:

In the terminal:
- Navigate to your theme-directory: ../theme/Foundation5-sass/ - type 'compass watch'

For edit the settings, navigate to and edit:

If you want customize stylesheets, navigate to and edit: ../Foundation5-sass/scss/app.scss

For more info how to customize the scss stylesheets:

If you don't want edit scss stylsheets, I add a fallback stylesheet: ../Foundation5-sass/css/foundation.css

I hope it is useful Shy

(2014-12-06, 20:46:18)Hi Christophe,Thanks very much for doing this. The theme is just what I need.I have one issue and that is: Is there a way to selectively include foundation components?In the app.scss file, I tried uncommenting \@import' and "foundation/components/block-grid", "foundation/components/grid" but I get the compass error: Wrote:
error scss/app.scss (Line 41: Invalid CSS after "...ts/visibility";": expected file to import (string or url()), was "")

Is it looking for the foundation components or is there something else to configure?

Really appreciate your or anyone's advice.

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