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File Chooser in Rich Text Editor
When you click the button to add a link to a page/email address etc there is no option to choose a file you have uploaded. The only way seems to be to go to 'Files', copy the link location and paste it in the editor. Time consuming and not that simple to do (as some users don't even use right click and it is counter-intuitive).

How about having the ability to link to a file you have already uploaded? i.e. Add an option 'Uploaded File', which when selected lists the files you have uploaded.

Which file needs to be edited to change the link dialog box? Could use AJAX to get the list of files if it is not a PHP file.

-- Sam
You could search for documentation on a function like that from CKEditor. I have to say I disable the editor by default so I’ve never really looked into it.

As far as I know, all CKEditor information can be found in /admin/template/js/ckeditor/, though some important information (like what toolbar to show) is taken care of in /admin/edit.php at the time the JavaScript is being called.
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Unfortunately the CKEditor website is blocked where I work so I can't access the site, or see the source code of the 'link' plugin to see how it works (as it is minified in the version shipping with GetSimple).
-- Sam

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