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Optimize Images
I just ran (lossless compression) on GS335 and reduced overall image file size by 7% - with many bigger savings such as admin/apple-touch-icon.png going from 1628 bytes down to 499 bytes.

I'd like to request this is done for the next release in order to make GS as fast as possible.
Those assets are only used on the backend anyway.
But yes i will be addressing this in the future, probably base64 all images, and remove them.
( all favicons will be changing in 3.4 anyway )

I usually use pngoptimizer, this seems to optimize all kinds of files also, I wonder how that works.
I need to reduce the file size of GS it is creeping up there.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Optimizing the backend is still worth doing for backend users!

Converting all images to base64 is not always the best solution and can reduce the *perceived* performance of a website - see

FileOptimizer includes pngoptimizer and many other optimizing tools so it provides the best possible file compression.

Also, pngoptimizer does not process JPEGs whereas FileOptimizer does. It's open source and free. Give it a go!

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