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3.3.5 Upgrade Problems
I've just upgraded a client's web site from 3.1 to 3.3.5 and while the basic CMS functionality still works, There are a couple of problems.

1) A number of the admin features have disappeared. The footer menu now has missing items where I've entered the ??? below ....

Page Management • File Management • ??? • Backup Management • ??? • ??? • Support • Share

2) Every page has the word "no" at the top.

3) The Health Check page (which I have to navigate to directly because there is no longer a link in the navigation) says "Upgrade Check Failed !"

I've read some posts about clearing the cache on the settings page, but the settings page won't load (Error: "You Do Not Have Permissions To Access This Page")

I've cleared my browser cache a number of times (and used a completely different browser) but nothing changes.

I've read some posts that refer to isues with the "Multi User 1.4" plugin, but I can't load /admin/plugins.php (Same error as above) so I can't see if it's installed.

Not sure if there's something simple that will fix all of this, but at the moment my only choice is to roll back to the previous version.

Can anyone shed any light on this?
Fixed Problem #2 by replacing /plugins/user-management.php with the current version 1.8.2
Fixed the other problems by renaming plugins.php to something else so that I could access it and then Deactivating the Multi User plugin.
Spoke to soon, the "Upgrade Check Failed !" issue still persists.
I waited a couple of weeks, flushed the cache again and the support tab is now showing "3.3.5 Latest version installed".
The api results are cached for 14 minutes.
In the past we used cache for ever on app failures now we cache failures so you don't get old info however we are also having large number of Api failures on this host.

So this actually has nothing to do with 3.3.5 but the api lookups from your host which have probably always been failing.
However I have noticed a lot of failures after upgrading the first time so maybe there is something wrong indeed.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
(2015-03-10, 12:58:38)mikelegg Wrote: I waited a couple of weeks, flushed the cache again and the support tab is now showing "3.3.5 Latest version installed".

How do you flush the cache?
(2015-03-23, 19:19:48)Ekaterini Wrote: How do you flush the cache?

In section Settings there's a button for that.
hmmm its ok

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