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[COMING SOON] SimpleBlog Plugin - A simple, powerful blog system for GetSimple
Version 1.0.0

A simple and easy to use, yet powerful blog system for GetSimple CMS. With this plugin, you can create blog posts, sort posts by category, view posts in monthly archives, plus much more. The original concept for this plugin was by @mikehenken and was carried on through GetSimple Blog v3.x, but I've now decided to break away and start from scratch with an all-new code base. I welcome any and all suggestions for future improvements, and if you find any bugs, then please let me know.

The plugin will be a direct replacement for GetSimple Blog and will contain many new feature that will be added natively, such as hooks and filters to allow extensibility by other plugins, native integration with some existing plugins, plus much more.

This plugin is currently under active development, but is a little while away from completion and ready for release yet. If you’d like to track the development progress, please visit the GitHub page linked above.

A new team of translators will be needed for this plugin. If you speak any languages other than those that are already included, then please send me a PM so that I can add you to the project. A GitHub account is a must as the development process is maintained from there.

More information about this plugin, including what the future holds for it, the changelog, plus the main documentation can be found on my website. Just follow the links at the top of this post!

Language Support
  • English (en_US) - Maintained by John Stray (johnstray2001)

Version 1.0.0
Scheduled: Q4, 2022 - Estimated: Unknown

Use this forum thread for SUPPORT and FEATURE REQUESTS
If you find any bugs that wish to report, then please visit the GitHub page,
check if it has been reported and/or fixed already, and if it hasn't then please create a new issue.
Check out my website:
Really looking forward to it.

It'll be a while away yet, it's still in it's early development days.
Check out my website:
Sounds good, please add support for Markdown syntax.
I will be. I'm looking at adding the CKEditor, a markdown editor and a bbcode editor. The later two as extensions.

Thanks for the support.
Check out my website:
(2015-04-09, 09:44:59)johnstray2001 Wrote: I will be. I'm looking at adding the CKEditor, a markdown editor and a bbcode editor. The later two as extensions.

Maybe an idea to make these editors also work outside of this project. It seams logical that if you use for example bbcode for the blog, other pages don't use an enterely different editor.
This project is still quite a while away yet. I've had a few other more important projects to do recently, so this had to go on the backburner for a while.

The plan is to hopefully release it around the same time as GS 3.4.0.

If there are some features you'd like to see in this new blog system, then please let me know.
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way to go, we need more of these
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Hi everyone. After a rather long hiatus from developing thanks to life getting in the way, I’m back at it again. This reincarnation of the blog plugin is now under development again and progress is steadily being made. It’s still a fair way from being completed yet, but I will definitely get there. If your interested, you can follow the progress on the GitHub project page linked in the first post.

I am going to need a new team of translators for this plugin as I have no idea if any of the original translators are still active. If you are interested, please send me a PM and let me know.
Check out my website:

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