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My theme not showing up in the back-end
I've searched for similar problems, but not found any matching threads, If there are any, please redirect me and I'll be on my way.

Anyway. I've created my first basic theme for GetSimple, but after I upload it, it won't show up in the list in the theme-tab in the back-end. Are ther any requirements that I'm missing, I've tried other themes and they show up just fine. I've included the same kind info found in the standard themes in the beginning of my documents. Am I missing something?
"Dynamite's a very tricky sort of operation"
the only requirement is that your main file is called template.php and its in its own directory under

other than that it should show up.

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Thanks for the quick answer. Just saw I misspelt template. I thought I was smart enough to check that.
"Dynamite's a very tricky sort of operation"

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