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Custom Folder Setup
Hi everyone,

Not sure I am doing this correctly but I have a site built:

and in order for my navigation to work i have to have a folder structure in which all the HTML files are inside a folder, "content" in a subfolder named for their section, eg "services."

I can't figure out how to customize getSimple to allow this to happen. It also appears that I can't upload files via FTP and get them to show up inside the GetSimple framework.

I haven't figured out Themes yet either, so I am not sure if that is where the solution lies, it just seems a lot more difficult than applying straight HTML and CSS...

i'd appreciate any help,

Well, you’re going to have to put that content folder thing out of your head. GetSimple never uses any HTML files. It doesn’t even use folders apart from having some place to store data, eg. has nothing to do with the folder docs existing or not. (There is no folder docs on the server.)

Quote:It also appears that I can’t upload files via FTP and get them to show up inside the GetSimple framework.
What do you mean? Anything you put in the /data/uploads/ with FTP should show up alongside the files you have uploaded through the GetSimple file tab.

Themes are pretty much straight HTML and CSS with a few template tags to display the content. In theory you can write any PHP and recode the complete front-end in the theme, but whether that’s a good idea…
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