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template adapting for GS
Hi all
Don't know if i'm in the right thread

i'm a couple of weeks busy to work and learn Get-simple and i do like it more and more
now my next step is , i saw some great (free) css templates
what i would like to adapt for GS
i have read the Wiki about this , (great tuturial

the question is ( cause i have still much to learn Smile )
is every css template suitable or should I keep something in mind?
would love to hear this

Regards Mandy
(2015-05-25, 21:15:21)maco-nl Wrote: [...]
is every css template suitable or should I keep something in mind?

I can't think of any particular problems. Some templates are made for blog type sites or gallery sitesĀ so they don't work so well without plugins. If you want your theme to work on a simple install of GS you only have one primary content block and one secondary (sidebar) to work with. Sometimes the nav menu css needs some alteration where GS gives a class of "current" to the menu link of the currentĀ page and the template might use some other word.
It is important to know if you make the theme for the community, or only for yourself. If for the community (extend):

Best not include too many scripts like sliders. People can ad them later via plugins instead. It's nice to have a clean (html) structure. If you still do, document it. If you make multiple template files document what they are for.
Thanks Timbow and Datiswous

@Timbow thanks its a good ona about the menu to think about , i know about the blog and gallery templates ,
i was already thinking about a gallery template :-) but good you pointed me in a direction :-)

@Datiswous thanks , the most templates will be to share with the community
i started with GS to help a friend with a website what was made with Wp but far to difficult for them to use it

i'm still busy with that one , but also played and tested in meantime a lot with GS and do like it a lot :-)
is indeed good to keep in mind and good idea to make a list with the used plugins
or used files and where they needed for , (kind of Grill idea , Timbow used several separated PHP files what made a lot clear to understand ,

thinking self to keep it plain as possible so people can add their own plugins if i use a plugin i think with just a slider or so

Again many thanks for you'r reply i can use this for sure

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