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Wow... storing passwords in plain text is absolutely irresponsible and inexcusable, and that's not all. I'll admit I used this service at one point in time but it was so awful I stopped using it after about a week. My information was still compromised.

More information:
Oh no!....

This year the phone and internet company sold my account to TalkTalk. The service was really poor so I left, but then they got hacked and they didn't even have customer data encrypted:
A 15yr old has been arrested.

And I had used 000webhost.

Oh No.
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Damn it.

I used to use that service a year ago, my data has been stolen >:C
Time to prepare my pitchfork.
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An email from000webhost today:
Quote:What happened?

A hacker used an exploit in an old PHP version, that we were using on our website, in order to gain access to our systems. Data that has been stolen includes usernames, passwords, email addresses, IP addresses and names.
Although the whole database has been compromised, we are mostly concerned about the leaked client information.
What did we do about it?
We have been aware of this issue since 27th of October and our team started to troubleshoot and resolve this issue the same day, immediately after becoming aware of this issue.
In an effort to protect our users we have temporarily blocked access to systems affected by this security flaw. We will re-enable access to the affected systems after an investigation and once all security issues have been resolved. Affected systems include our website and our members area. Additionally we have temporarily blocked FTP access, as FTP passwords have been stolen as well.
We reseted all users passwords in our systems and increased the level of encryption to prevent such issues in the future.
We are still working around the clock to identify and eliminate all security flaws. We will get back to providing the free service soon. We are also updating and patching our systems.
What do you need to do?
As all the passwords have been changed to random values, you now need to reset them when the service goes live again.
We also recommend that you use Two Factor Authentication (TFA) and a different password for every service whenever possible. We can recommend the Authy authenticator app and the LastPass password manager.
We are sorry
At 000webhost we are committed to protect user information and our systems. We are sorry and sincerely apologize we didn't manage to live up to that.
At 000webhost our top priority remains the same - to provide free quality web hosting for everyone. The 000webhost community is a big family, exploring and using the possibilities of the internet together.
Our leadership team will closely monitor this issue and will do everything possible to earn your trust every day.
000webhost CEO,
Arnas Stuopelis 

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