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French translation of the wiki
I don't have many php skills, but still want to contribute to GS development, so I started translated some plugins and wiki pages into french.

What I already translated :

  • Pages and comments plugin by Cumbe
  • Guestbook plugin by Cumbe
  • Lightbox plugin by gslexx

Wiki Pages:
  • Start Page
  • Ten Minute Website Tutorial by Timbow
In your opinion, what are the priorities? Plugins translations (and which one?) or Wiki pages translations? Do we have stats about the most checked pages of the wiki? The most used plugins?

Technical question now :
I did some cleaning on the french start page of the wiki by copy/pasting the English one, translating the "hX" titles and adding the links to the already-existing french pages. For all the pages which don't have a french equivalent at all, I simply added a ":fr" before the link of the english version, but I'm not sure that it's the right thing to do... Can someone confirm that this is "semanticly" correct? If it was a mistake, can you correct the links on the page? I will then create the pages by just clicking on it and "create this page", one page at a time.
Contact me if you need a french translation file for your plugin.

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