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InnovationOutline Theme
'InnovationOutline' theme sets out to 'correct the 'Innovation' themes default template for the purpose of creating a corrected outline for your projects.
You will find a complete tutorial on is use at:

This theme has been updated and is available for download as InnovationOutline v1.2
I have also included an addendum in the tutorial that you should also read.
I have been shown the error of my ways!
Maintenance version of InnovationOutline v 1.3
Tutorial and Download

Change log:
4/10/2012 version 1.3
corrected the file by reinserting the
"<?php get_header(); ?>" ,
just below the opening <head> tag.
4/6/2012 version 1.2
updated 'functions.php' with my markup for the main navigation.
4/3/2012 version 1.1
InnovationOutline Theme
thank you for this great theme ... I'm not sure if I will use it itself, but the techniques for HTML5 Outline layouts !
I was reading today about outline, but I've certainly understood the how to when I've compared the original innovation default page code and yours.. and the using the outliner online to see the results !
awesome ! thank you very much !

If I can point something... I think was not clear enough that the theme doesn't work if you don't install CUSTOM FIELDS plugin, and create a SUBTITLE field. (I've seen that second post, but why not explaining: "1-download 2-unzip in themes 3-install Custom Fields plugin and create Subtitle field... now see online how bots can read your page!"

thanks again for your work
Thank you, ... i have made changes to the "Readme" file based on your suggestion, plus i included a copy of the "Custom Fields" plug-in in the new version [1.4].

Once again, thank you for your input!
Tutorial link gives 404. Is it out of business.
(2012-03-28, 06:03:29)eatons Wrote: You will find a complete tutorial on is use at: [url][/url]

Wrong link. Must be

Same error on theme page

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