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Responsive images in content
I am using GS 3.3.8 and Timbows -Grill theme which comes across very responsive on my old Ipod, except for the image on the homepage.

I have tried to test it with several online responsive tests and it comes up blank.

So I have 2 questions.

How can I get the image to be responsive and I wonder why the tests don't work for this site?

Thank you for you time
Best to ask that question here:
If I right click on your image to check the style declarations I can see the image dims fixed in px. You need to give the image % declarations either through the Editor or the css files. That theme uses bootstrap and I think bootstrap has a css class="img-responsive" which will also do the job

That's a big project you have taken on there!
Sorry for the delay guys, rough day yesterday, still trying to test.

I did try Timbow's class="img-responsive" solution and it worked perfect and started wondering if that could be done with CSS.

I hope to get a chance to check out Ampersand's CSS idea today

Thank you I'll be back
img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto !important;
(2016-03-23, 19:22:25)Oleg06 Wrote: img {
   max-width: 100%;
   height: auto !important;

Yes, this seems to work, it is the same as Ampersand suggested on the other thread.

Thank you all, one by one I am finding ways to get everything working.

Anyone have any idea why it wouldn't work on the online responsive testers like

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