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New to Get Simple
I am new to GS and have to figure out a couple of things:

1. Can I do a drop-down menu with CS - if so, where do I start?

2. More documentation on doing templates. I am a web designer - not programmer and although I can fumble through some stuff, I could benefit by addition information - for example, looking at template tags and not sure which ones are
1. you can do a static menu, create pages and then edit the static menu inside template.
Look at Zegnåt's multilevel navigation
I don't know if it supports css/js dropdown menus.

2. creating a template is easy and intuitive.
Just look what template tags you can use -> template tags
and study source code of two provided templates.
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A multilevel navigation is super easy using the Zegnat't plugin linked to in yojoe's post.

Creating a template is also very easy, try reading the above docs and if you
have any questions just ask here on the form, if you have an html template
I would be glad to transform it into a GS theme so that you can see how its done!
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