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Better page ordering
Ok, even wordpress with it's bloated approach has this problem so, yeah, I'm not expecting a miracle. It does have a plugin for it though, which is cool. To the point:

I would like the ability to adjust the pages order simply by dragging it up and down in the list at the "Page management" page. You could also adjust subpages as well, simply by dragging the page to the right a bit to make a subpage and to demake one you could drag it to the left. If that makes any sense, anyway.

The wordpress plugin is called PageMash, if that helps Smile. Here's the link to the wordpress plugin page
There's a demo there and it's explained much better than I have here Smile.

Thanks for making this awesome CMS and I wish you guys (and girls) well!
GetSimple = awesome :). My GS website
I will look into this, I think its a great idea!
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Glad I've come up with someone, thanks Smile
GetSimple = awesome :). My GS website
The page ordering UI is an abomination (c'mon guys). Please create a more intelligent UI for specifying page order—setting the page order by by drilling down into the "Page Options" section one page at a time and having to guess what the next page number should be is not an elegant solution.

A lightweight drag-able solution would be ideal, or simply use the Netflix Queue model using multiple text edit fields.

Additionally, the order in which the pages are listed should reflect their order on the website. It makes no sense not is there an advantage to seeing the pages listed alphabetically (unless you're dealing with dozens of pages).

Please visit and get a free account to see beautiful page management UI in action. You mention it being a top priority to make the user-interface best in it's class—let's see some of that UI love in GS!
I am a newbie with GetSimple and I just can't figure out how to define the page order.
The first page is shown as the last page in the menu (left to right) or as the bottom page (top to down ordering of the menu)
As I as a user start to define the first page I assume this is the homepage and expect it at the first place in the menu

how to do this?

I miss a simple basic tutorial for users (not developers. designers), just a first how-to :=)

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@connie - it's hard to figure out exactly what you are trying to describe, so why don't you make up a few dummy pages, add them to the menu and see what the menu looks like.

I agree it's not the best UI for this, but after we get 3.0 out the door this seems to be a piece that is in major help.
- Chris
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I did pages

the pages are either in horizontal or vertical order, depending on the theme

When you made 3 pages, the order will be

page #3, page #2, page #1 (from left to right)

but page#1 is the homepage... which is written first

so I notice that the last written page getst he highest number and the pages are shown from high number to low number which is quite opposite to what you expect...

I hope there will be a better system soon ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Connie, when you ticked the "Add to Menu" in the Page Options two new items should appear for "menu text" and "priority". The priority setting will control the order of the menu.

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