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Donations patreon paid support etc
hmm maybe i should rephrase that.

An OPTIONAL paid tier, or donation structure. Patreon is just an example , there are things like bounties systems, paid feature development bounties, etc.

Paid access for extended forums, or no forums at all and some other form of support.

This is not a question about taking payments personally ( i already have donate buttons on my personal website ) as opposed to other team members.

FYI to clarify, there are no other active team members involved in daily operation of GS and development besides me, I also do most of the administration of the forum with help of a few moderators.

GS has to stay free and open source, that is its license, of course I could fork it and do what whatever i want with it, but it still has to remain open source no matter what.

Things that are up in the air are.

Community forum

These things cost money and require a ton of maintenance.
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