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PROBLEM Can't modify, update pages on new installation (all 755)
You were spot on with option C.

I did a little reading around write access and PHP and someone else was complaining about Mod Security.

I went to cPanel and noticed that it wasn't switched on for my main site ( and that it was switched on for the addon domain. I've never touched either of these so ... hmmm.

Anyway turned it off and now GS is operating normally.

Seems to be problem solved. However:

1) I wonder if there's a way to have my cake and eat it - assuming Mod Security is doing something positive - it would be nice for it to be on and to have GetSimple working properly.

2) Am I getting greedy?


3) Perhaps this is something that could be warned about in the wiki or a sticky post? Perhaps it already is.

Anyway thanks so much for your help. Really appreciate it.

4) By the way -- I noticed a 406.shtml file that I hadn't noticed before in my sites public_html (i.e. absolute root directory).
It's completely blank. Does anyone know if this is connected to Mod Security?

Thanks again, 


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