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PROBLEM Can't modify, update pages on new installation (all 755)
Hi all,

Just installed the latest version of GetSimple (3.3.9).
I run other sites using GS and have had no problems (they use the same host, but slightly older versions).

The Health Check after a new install on this new domain is all clean except:

GetSimple Version    3.3.9
Upgrade Check Failed !

I've checked all the file permission are 755.
I installed the wow-css-framework theme (but the problem exists with the default themes also).


Any page update I make, after clicking save I am kicked out of the admin section to the root domain and the save isn't executed (i.e. the page isn't modified).

The structure of the site is HTML at the root and then getsimple is situated in a directory called "review", see here:

Under settings:
Website URL =
Use Fancy URLs = Unticked (so far)

No 3rd party modules added.

Any and all help much appreciated - I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working. As I stated the server I'm on already serves other getsimple sites and this is presumably reflected in the clean bill of health under Website Health Check.


I would say permissions, but it is odd that you are redirected to root.
Which almost makes me think it is either A. bad rewrite in htaccess, B. incomplete upgrade, C. host is blocking and redirecting to a 404 that does not exist. ( this would be a mod_sec xss filter or something )

Either way check your error logs.. enable gsdebug etc. as per the sticky in general questions and issue
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll do as you said and report back.




Okay. I've done that but nothing appears in the debug console since it throws me off the page.


Debug Mode is on [Red Notice top right]
In Admin: Click on Pages Tab
Click on "Welcome to Get Simple !"
Click "Page Options"
Change template to full-width.php // OR edit some text // or anything else that requires a save
Click Save
Instantly ejected to root:
Hit back button I'm back where I was editing "Welcome to GetSimple!"
No changes have been saved and the console is empty.
Rechecked permissions and everything is 755.

NOTHING in i.e. no "errorlog.txt"
I've tried a fresh update to a clean install and the problem is the same -- so at least it's consistent.

I wonder if it's worth starting from scratch with either the latest beta or a previous version. I'm running 3.3.3 on my other sites.

I can change password and PM you the temp password and give you access if you'd like -- you can look around and see if there's anything amiss? Also, collect anon data is on -- I don't know if that records anything of use.

Thanks again,

AH !!! Just has a thought. is an addon domain (cpanel:
So my server allows me to have additional domains within my hosted domain (that act as independent domains - i.e. not subdomains).

Could this cause problems?
I hope not. 

cPanel (under Add-on Domains):

Addon Domains  =
Document Root = /public_html/
Subdomain > scramblekit 
Redirects to = not redirected

Hope that might help. Sorry I didn't consider this earlier. Everything seemed to be working fine except editing.
Still not sure that explains why stuff isn't getting saved. BEWARE -- maybe this is a red herring.


host error log ?

gs health check throw anything suspicious ?

What if you do something like toggle a plugin active inactive?

Check or remove your .htaccess make sure the rewrite base is correct for a subfolder, it is a bit hard to debug stuff in subfolders also. If not comment out the rewrites in the htaccess and try
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
pm me info
hmm does it have anything to do with your dns not working
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
You were spot on with option C.

I did a little reading around write access and PHP and someone else was complaining about Mod Security.

I went to cPanel and noticed that it wasn't switched on for my main site ( and that it was switched on for the addon domain. I've never touched either of these so ... hmmm.

Anyway turned it off and now GS is operating normally.

Seems to be problem solved. However:

1) I wonder if there's a way to have my cake and eat it - assuming Mod Security is doing something positive - it would be nice for it to be on and to have GetSimple working properly.

2) Am I getting greedy?


3) Perhaps this is something that could be warned about in the wiki or a sticky post? Perhaps it already is.

Anyway thanks so much for your help. Really appreciate it.

4) By the way -- I noticed a 406.shtml file that I hadn't noticed before in my sites public_html (i.e. absolute root directory).
It's completely blank. Does anyone know if this is connected to Mod Security?

Thanks again, 

Might nust be your hosts default files.

You can disable mod sec on a per rule basis via htaccess, and ever per ip.
If you knew the specific rule it would help, it is usually in your host logs
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Thanks for your help on this - invaluable.
Just to wrap things up. Finally got some sense out of my server people.
They recommend keeping Mod Security switched off as it causes many problems for their customers.

Could have told me that in the first place. But hey!

Thanks again.

Well a cms allows you to submit html and code by design, normally this is a terrible thing tonallow on forms cause it is a point of exploit. It just so happens we want to allow that behavior
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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