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New project in Austria with GS
Hi everyone,

this is my new project in austria with GS: "Maximos Schwimmbadbau - Poolbau auf höchstem Niveau"

Plugins used:
HitCount to counts page hits and visitors
I18N Custom Fields for SEO optimization
I18N Navigation for great submenus

Best regards,
Hello, this is very nice Smile  what do you use for contact form ?
Thanks Blush I handle the contact form with ajax and use jQuery Form Plugin - v 3.51 with Validation Plugin - v1.13.0
Hi, nice website. dropdown menue looks very good. Who you get this or is it make new from your self?

I search sample like this dropdown currently i have problems with I18N Navigation i do not understand function Sad
Hi phpman

I used superfish, like this example
What is your problem? Can you show us your project? Then we can help you Smile
Hi, thanks for the link.

Can you give me any detail informations about implementation of I18N Navigation
with this type of css menu? That´s what i do not understand Sad


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