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QUESTION Add field to module
I'm currently in the process of testing before migrating my website. Could you help me to understand something?
Since I need i18n, I tried i18n + i18nGallery + i18nCustomFields.
I don't understand how to add a field to a module (like to Gallery) ? First, is it possible? Same question for NewsManager. BTW, I don't really understand how to display news according to language, but it's another subject.

Second, I understand that if I used i18nSpecialPages, I can "rebuild" a News Manager. But by doing that, I loose all functionalities like posting date and archiving, no?

Briefly, I'm not sure to understand how to build a complete bilingual website easily...
You have to describe the question better, so it is easier for users to understand. Start by asking just one question. With modules I assume you mean Plugins, right? So what do you mean with fields?

If you have specific questions about plugins, ask those in the plugin's support topics.

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