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Guestbook with pre-moderation
Guestbook with pre-moderation

- This plugin allows you to insert an guestbook with pre-moderation of comments on your GS site.

- Pre-moderation panel **Moderation of reviews** is located in the side menu of "Theme" tab in GetSimple CMS admin panel.

- You can display the reviews on the website or hide them, as well as edit and delete.

- All new reviews are marked as hidden and will not appear until moderated.

- This plugin contains the captcha to validate messages

- Plugin contains 2 language files: en_US, ru_RU.
CAPTCHA is not visible
v1.1 Fixed a bug with the captcha display, fixed css style, plugin renamed the guestbookGS
This is a great addition. Very pleased with the admin panel. Thank you!
Great plugin! Just what I was after.

A couple of suggestions / requests regarding the captcha.

1) The ability to reload capture (without refreshing page) - this would be very helpful. Just a simple link next to "Enter the captcha", for example:

Enter the captcha below or click to reload.

2) An option to have a larger captcha image (don't know if that is difficult or easy?)

One question:

What happens when you have for example 100 messages, does this get paginated?

Thanks again for a nicely designed plugin.

One more thing that's would be very useful indeed:

Send an email to the default getsimple email address when a new message has been posted and requires moderation.

Thanks again. Really like the plugin.

Great guestbook. Pagination would be nice.
And reply to comments, comment rating and topic field ;D.
Great plugin !!
thanks for sharing this one

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