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CityLights Theme
This is a responsive two-column theme using bootstrap.  Largely influenced by Innovation (at least with the overall structure).

The theme is here, and the configuration plugin is here.

A few features:
- fully responsive, including hamburger menu at <768px
- background, branding, and social media buttons configurable with the corresponding plugin
- navbar transitions from transparent to opaque on scroll
- if you create a page with the slug blurb, the content will be used on the landing page (in place of the tagline)

This is my first (published) GetSimple theme.  Needed to create a theme that works with my church's bright orange logo.  Looking for any comments or critiques.
(2017-01-04, 13:05:25)aleksiyfenix Wrote: Demo?

Here you are:

I also used this theme for my church's page. Check it out here:

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