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Millg theme
Support thread for the Millg theme


A new theme based on the Milligram css-framework. It's very minimal, so you can build onto it.

It's using css3 flexbox for some of the positioning. The whole grid in the framework is based on it, but here it's only used for positioning the nav and footer (on small and mobile screens, navigation links are stacked vertical).

The style folder has a milligram.css file, a millimin.css (minified and linked to the template) and a style.css (my edits, specific to this theme).

More info on the Milligram css-framework: <>

Release changes:

Version 1.1: Added Viewport meta tag

Version 1.2: fixed wrong Flexbox code

EDIT: i18N-nav support is somewhat build in, but I didn't test it out yet.

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