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CKEdit and latest GS version
I currently use GS 3.3.8
I have been holding off upgrading to the latest version of GS
for 6mo because there had been some problems attempting
to incorporate a better version of CKEdit.

Does the latest version of GS have a the more
current version of CKEdit as part of the install?
Is it stable?
Both 3.3.10 and 3.3.11 have the newer CKEdit. I think it is the same one you get with Patch for 3.3.8.

I went from a patched 3.3.8 to 3.3.10 and had some difficulties with the 'quick install' (just plunking just parts of 3.3.10 onto the website) and ended up having to do a fresh install and adding the site (my pages, components.xml, users, plugins, whatever custom settings in config files and the CKEditor tools) in after. But I'm a bit clumsy with all of this so you might ot have any issues switching up from the patch (assuming you are using the patch at all).

I held off switching up from 3.3.10 to the current 3.3.11 until quite recently (and that's just been tiny test sites so not really pushing any envelopes) so cannot speak to stability.
It should be uneventful, and you can usually just overwrite the install, downgrading is just as easy.

You should also probably always copy the entire install if you are unsure what you are doing, and not pick and choose folders, or forget to copy index.php etc.

Now some people seem to have a ton of trouble with permissions but that is usually easily fixed if you know anything about your host, and unix permissions, or not using and ftp account in the same group as php etc.

Also if you use alot of advanced plugins that have their own editors, I would be sure to test it out first.
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