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PROBLEM Install page never loads
I have previously used get-simple and it worked fine. I am installing on 000webhost, but have also tried another free hosting site and have the same problem - but have had it work on both systems previously.
I upload the extracted files directly into the public folder on the server using ftp. The site then changed to the maintenance mode 'this page is temporarilt unavailable.' When i goto it just sits there loading, the url does change to /admin/install.php so something is happening (but eventually it just times out).
I am trying it with the latest 3.3.13, but ive tried with 3.3.7, 3.3.11 and 3.2.3 and the same thing happens. I dont make any changes to the files like .htacess (i leave them as temp, i presume they are modified through install) and I know the place i'm uploading to is correct i have other sites on the same server.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.
try another browser ?
check data/other/logs error
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