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Seascape 2
(2017-03-02, 04:05:43)Timbow Wrote:
(2017-03-02, 03:40:26)horei Wrote: -Seascape2-

Hello Timbow or other specialist - can you help,

I need to change the main background-color on the sites of the theme Seascape2.

How can it be done? There should be a css file involved? Which is it? Can it be modified without risk?


If you make a backup then you can edit without risk. The main css is assets/css/style.css
I don't think there is any css declaration of main background colour in the theme, I think it just defaults to white.
So you would add somewhere

body { background-color: magenta; }
or something like it.


Thanks TIMBOW - I´ll declaire as mentioned.


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