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Seascape 2
(2017-03-02, 04:05:43)Timbow Wrote:
(2017-03-02, 03:40:26)horei Wrote: -Seascape2-

Hello Timbow or other specialist - can you help,

I need to change the main background-color on the sites of the theme Seascape2.

How can it be done? There should be a css file involved? Which is it? Can it be modified without risk?


If you make a backup then you can edit without risk. The main css is assets/css/style.css
I don't think there is any css declaration of main background colour in the theme, I think it just defaults to white.
So you would add somewhere

body { background-color: magenta; }
or something like it.


Thanks TIMBOW - I´ll declaire as mentioned.

horei, by private message: Wrote:I do not know how to send Huh  question to forum.???

Hello Timbow or other specialist,
another question on Seascape2:

the header on my webside "" contains in top line the webside title "Selbsthilfegruppe Bluthochdruck Frankfurt Rhein-Main" and underneath (in bottom line) the navigation links to 4 pages. I like to change position of navigation to the top line and webside title to lower line. I could not locate file where this sequence has been defined.
Pls. give me a hint.

forum menber "horei"

Hi horei,

in the theme file beginning on line 43, the html for the header:
<!-- HEADER -->
<div class="header-wrapper row">
    <header class="col">
        <h1><a href="<?php get_site_url(); ?>" class="logo"><?php get_site_name(); ?></a></h1>
        <img id="hamburger" class="nav-toggle" src="<?php get_theme_url(); ?>/assets/img/hamburger.png">
        <nav class="nav-collapse">
                <?php get_navigation(return_page_slug()); ?>
<!--/HEADER -->
the elements are the site title as <h1>, the image of the hamburger and the navigation. If you put the site title after the nav it might just work.

further increasing font-size of the site title h1 letters works just fine but cuts off the top of the banner graphic - the banner does not move down. Where is predefined the height of the header section (h1 + navigation + hamburger+banner)? Where can this be unlocked and increased? I can`t find an element for in style.css!

My last input about placing an additional logo in header I`m not going to further track for.
Hello, the file style.css has the following code on line 7:

@import url(",400,600");

On a site with https this gives an error in chrome and Firefox about insecure sources and will not show the font. Maybe I did something wrong in the configuration of htaccess or something else, but apparently it is easy to fix by just adding an s after http in the url so it becomes:

@import url(",400,600");
To make it work for both http and https you can omit the protocol:
@import url("//,400,600");

on my homepage  at header-area I increased size of page title letters (h1) which are located slightly above of the banner. This overwrites the top of the banner graphic ?? The banner (likewise the site content) should automatically get of the way for the larger title letters by moving/scrolling down the required distance .
I need some help - which line of code do I need to modify - does anyone know?
maybe figure.banner and then padding-top (padding-top is now 1em I think, so change it to something higher).

You might have to change this in the different Media Queries

Not sure if that's the best solution

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