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QUESTION Migrating old slugs with underscores and caps

If there is a thread addressing this already, please feel free to let me know. I walked through the latest few pages, and also searched for "underscore" and "underscores," but didn't find a thing that seemed to help.

I am migrating a site over to GS.

In its first incarnation, it was flat HTML for years. So, all consisting of filenames of the sort *.html

It's been in Wordpress for about ten years now, and still has the exact same slugnames (I use a WP plug-in to custom-slug pages).

The slugnames contain upper and lowercase, and underscores. So, for example: Shorts_Moon.html

I was able to monkey with my .htaccess file to get it to use ".html" which was right there in the documentation (thank you!), but if I try to enter a custom slug such as "Shorts_Moon", it pops the page out of the menu and changes the underscore to a dash and lower-cases all the letters.

I would appreciate advice on how to match up with the same URL structure.

Thank you kindly!

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Migrating old slugs with underscores and caps - by Edward Martin III - 2016-11-17, 13:34:28

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