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QUESTION Migrating old slugs with underscores and caps
There are, hm, about 60 or so links. It's not a killer, creating new slugs would just be a mild annoyance that would take me a day or so.

I could offer server-side redirects and float the idea "Well, maybe it's time to think about just simplifying the URL scheme," letting my client tell me either "Sure, okay," or "This may not be the right tool," and running with that...

I am marginally concerned about the notion of converting approximately 1000 or so WP blog entries into a format acceptable to GS. I've seen some importing schemes, but before I explore THOSE (which would take more time), I wanted to know if this URL issue was a thing I could fix (which would take much less time).

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RE: Migrating old slugs with underscores and caps - by Edward Martin III - 2016-11-18, 05:02:11

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