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QUESTION Submenu on Editorial theme

first of all thanks Timbow for porting this very good looking theme to GetSimple. I have a question regarding submenus: I'm not very familiar with html and php but I understand the basics. If I look into the code of template.php I see the following code in menu section:

PHP Code:
?php if (function_exists('get_i18n_navigation'))
else { 
get_navigation(return_page_slug()); }  ?>

As far I understand there is already support for submenus due to this php code. If I install the I18N Navigation plugin and echo the output of

PHP Code:

it returns true. So I created a subpage and hoped it would look like on the demo page, but unfortunately the subpage didn't appear. I edited the code and pasted some of the examples provided on the I18N Navigation plugin page, the submenu showed up then but it looks really crappy.

Short and sweet: Is it possible to use submenus like shown at HTML5UP Editorial demo page and if do I have missed something?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yeah, it doesn't work. It looks like I left it half done and not tested so my bad really.

Having looked at it it isn't going to work without some slight bodging either. The menu of the original template is done with js and won't fit directly into GetSimple. I think it would be fairly easy just to display static sub-menus or to make a regular drop-down on hover type submenu there but it would require a bit of deconstruction.

I should change the theme description to reflect this.

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