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QUESTION Seascape 2
Hello Timbow or other specialist,

I like to unlock the Seascape2 header (not to be fixed ) to allow scrolling up and down together with the page.
Modifiying assets/style.css -> position: fixed doesn´t help. Where and how can it be done?
position:fixed; is the declaration. You may want to change it to position: absolute; and you might need to do that in several instances in the css (media queries, also there is a #header and a .header-wrapper).
Hello Timbow or other specialist,
another question on Seascape2:
the header on my webside "" contains in top line the webside title "Selbsthilfegruppe Bluthochdruck Frankfurt Rhein-Main" and underneath (in bottom line) the navigation links to 4 pages. I like to change position of navigation to the top line and webside title to lower line. I could not locate file where this sequence has been defined.
Pls. give me a hint.

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