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PROBLEM Lost the site-list in the backend
I test around a bit with templates and just with <>, switched therefor hierachies and slug-names (try to rename index respectively give another site this name) and suddenly there a no sites listed anymore. The backend-site stops with
...<div id="maincontent">
        <div class="main">

and stay blank. How th reanimate the backend (site-listing) - without losing all the templates and plugins?
just override the data-folder? GS 3.3.13

when I deaktivate the i18n_base.php, the admin/pages.php ends up normal again with </html>,
but just with one single page with the slug index-1. In the filesystem, there are the other five pages as .xml-files. There are still not shown. When I aktivate i18n_base, the problem is fully back again.

Added 2 hours later:
I leaved plugIns (after deactivate all) and Templates, clean cache and backups and install all admin, backups, data new ... & refill data from elsewhere

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