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Ready-Made Themes

What is a GetSimple Theme?

Themes are bundles of files which define the look and feel and functionalities of a website by providing the html, css and scripts for your site. These bundles normally contain at least:

  1. one template: template.php
  2. one css file for the design of your site
  3. one screenshot to visualize the theme in the theme-administration of GetSimple
  4. optional files:
    • functions.php if your theme needs additional functionality
    • Javascript files for special effects
    • editor.css to define the css for the WYSIWYG-Editor
    • images etc.

Where to get GetSimple Themes?

Ready Made

Besides the two themes which come with the installation zip (Innovation and Cardinal) there are several hundred other themes available. Browse to the GetSimple Plugin and Theme Repository (Extend repository). There you will find a list of the newest uploaded themes.

Click on one of these themes to get its description, a screenshot, a download link as well as a link to the support thread of this theme in the GetSimple Support Forum.

Click on the link View all to get the complete list of all available themes.

Make Your Own

One of the strengths of GetSimple is that it is very easy to create your own theme from static html. The easy to follow short tutorial for theme creation in this wiki will show you how. You don't need to know php or javascript, just a basic knowledge of html is sufficient.

How to Install a GetSimple Theme

When you install a theme there are a few things that you need to do:

  1. Unzip your theme if it came in a ZIP file.
  2. Copy all the files in their named folder to the /theme/ folder on your server with an FTP client.
  3. If you want to make edits to your theme, please ensure that all your files and/or folders are CHMOD'd to either 755 or 777 depending on what permissions are required by your host.
  4. Log into your GetSimple administration panel, and select your new theme from the dropdown on the Theme page. Click the Activate Theme button.


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