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DY Breadcrumbs 1.4    (Plugin)

Simple breadcrumbs navigation for website.
TAGS: navigation breadcrumbs template function

DY Obfuscator 1.0    (Plugin)

Simple obfuscation of email, phone number and other published personal data. DY...
TAGS: obfuscation data email security

DY Page View Count 1.1    (Plugin)

Simple plugin counts each page view. Call function in your theme template to show...
TAGS: data view count

DY XML Table 1.0    (Plugin)

Presents a data from XML document in a HTML table. You can get more information...
TAGS: data xml table

DY CSV Table 1.0    (Plugin)

Presents a data from CSV file in a HTML table **Features:** * Shortcodes...
TAGS: data csv table

DY File Include 1.0    (Plugin)

Includes text file into a page content. **Usage:** *Upload text file into upload...
TAGS: content file text html

DY Page Include 1.0    (Plugin)

Includes content from one page to another **Usage** * Insert shortcode in a...
TAGS: content page include html

DY Lorem Ipsum 1.0    (Plugin)

Lorem Ipsum text generator. Useful tool for theme developer. Place shortcodes in...
TAGS: content development generator

DY Website Custom Fields 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to specify website custom fields. It works similar to <a...
TAGS: fields website

DY File Include 2 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to include content from uploaded text files with Markdown...
TAGS: content file markdown

DY Simple Photo Gallery 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to show photos from given folder as...
TAGS: photo gallery photogallery image

DY Redirect 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you easily setup page redirect with GUI. Usage: * On Page...
TAGS: redirect

DY Maintenance 1.0    (Plugin)

Enabling maintenance mode of the website. Usage: * Install and activate...
TAGS: website maintenance

Russian Language for Pagify Plugin 1.0    (Plugin Language)

This is Russian language file for...
TAGS: pagify russian