DY Obfuscator

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: June 11, 2015
Tags: obfuscation data email security
Author: DimaYakovlev
Author Website: http://dimayakovlev.ru

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Plugin Description:

Simple obfuscation of email, phone number and other published personal data.

DY Obfuscator can be used via calling php function in php file or embedding shortcode in the page editor.

In PHP file call function <?php dyObfuscate($string, $echo); ?>.

Parameters of function:

  • $string - string to obfuscating;
  • $echo - print result on page or return it. By default $echo = false, use $echo = true to print result on page.

In text editor use shortcode (% dyObfuscate : String to obfuscate %)

Example of using DY Obfuscator for publishing email address:

<a href="mailto:<?php dyObfuscate('i-want-to-save-my-email@dimayakovlev.ru', true) ; ?>">Email Me</a>

Attention! Use DY Obfuscator only with ASCII strings.

Install Instructions:

Download the plugin, extract to plugins folder and activate it in plugins tab.

You can get more information on DY Obfuscator page of my website.