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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: May 9, 2023
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Plugin Description:

Every day I struggle with the same boring activity, creating a carousel for the home page or subpage. I decided to make it easier for you and myself by creating the Carousel Creator with its settings. You can add any number of slides and add to the subpage using the button, or add an empty div with the "carousel-replace" class to the template. It's up to you how it will look and work.

v 4.0 Big Update - prestyled 2 theme (you can create own - just create style and put to folder to (carouselCreator/style/), next you can choose from settings ) - prestyled animation - moved saved carousel to data/other/path - Button custom options

Not compatible with previous version!

v 3.0 BIG UPDATE - Now Carousel Creator supports multiple carousels - shortcode support for ckeditor as well as normal template function - new design plugin - now you have own settings for every created carousel - more settings - easier to use

v 2.5 Better native FileBrowser

v 2.0 1. order options added 2. title input for every slide added 3. thumbnails for every slide added 4. better for use than previous version 5. better file browser (support all folders on upload)


Carousel works with photos on root upload folder.

foto1 foto2 foto3 foto4

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