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Grid Me BS4 (content grid manager bootstrap 4 ) 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin add grid options for your content just like Grid Me original but with...
TAGS: grid ckeditor plugin content

Light Bar 1.2    (Plugin)

I created next plugin, this is add sidebar menu to the frontend, you can customize...
TAGS: frontend menu light admin light menu.

Call Me button 1.0    (Plugin)

Add "call me" icon to your website on mobilephone, invisible on desktop....
TAGS: mobile call me calling popup call to us plugin

Facebook sidebar 1.0    (Plugin)

adds a facebook sidebar to your template. easy to configure ![alternate...
TAGS: facebook sidebar facebook integration

Starter theme by multicolor 1.0    (Theme)

![screenshot]( I created starter theme...
TAGS: theme bootstrap grid ckeditor starter theme multicolor

PhotoTheme 1.0    (Theme)

use PhotoTheme plugin for this theme

PhotoTheme Settings 1.0    (Plugin)

Settings plugin for PhotoTheme Theme:)

Dark theme GS 3.3.X 1.0    (Admin Theme)

![screenshot]( edit...
TAGS: admin theme dark theme get simple admin theme

Dark Theme Admin mod theme 1.5    (Plugin)

now you can try a dark theme using my plugin, before you had to replace the css.php...
TAGS: admin theme theme admin

Light Admin Theme 1.8    (Plugin)

New theme :) Now you can turn on new theme on your admin panel. What i...
TAGS: admin theme responsive theme

Collapsable pages (Backend) Created andy-man & Carlos edit by multicolor 0.1    (Plugin)

Adds collapse/expand-functionality to page-list script by andy-man / plugin created...
TAGS: collapse subpages subpages hide dropdown subpages pages hide

Grid Me (content grid manager) 1.4    (Plugin)

This plugin add grid options for your content:) This is still early version, but...
TAGS: grid ckeditor plugin content

Monotheme (based on bs4) 1.0    (Theme)

I create new theme for GS:) You can edit what you want. All used images is on theme...
TAGS: theme dark template starter theme

Disable Reset Password 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin hidden "Forgot your password?" on login
TAGS: disable reset password security

Grey Admin Theme 1.2    (Plugin)

Another responsive admin theme for your lovely CMS:) I use for my...
TAGS: theme admin admin theme grey responsive theme

Preloaders GS (vanilla javascript) 2.0    (Plugin)

This plugin add easy preloader to your website:) 1.0 6 example with easy to...
TAGS: preloader theme preloader great preloader

Light Admin Core 1.0    (Admin Theme)

This is light admin core ( css.php file with light admin style), this version is...
TAGS: light admin core light admin multicolor

Hide sections plugin 1.0    (Plugin)

the plugin is used to hide user sections that are unnecessary for the user.
TAGS: hidden section hide option menu

Simple Button Creator 1.0    (Plugin)

This plugin add Button creator on sidebar edit page "Add Button " with...
TAGS: button creator