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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: September 15, 2022
Tags: contact form easy contact form form for website
Author: multicolor
Author Website: https://discord.com/invite/9Sb8fUeyVc
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Plugin Description:

Hi! Next plugin for this community!

Easy contact form is contact form with ckeditor support, you can change text, required or delete something if you doesn't need (antyspam required).

How use it?

1.install and on 2. go to page and Easycontactform_settings add your e-mail,subject message from website,message if mail sent or not. 3. go to page edit, click text cursor when you wanna add form, and click to add form button. 4.edit or not. 5.save:)

This plugin use only mail() php option, if you server no support this, dont use it.

1.2 added sender mail settings, style on body message.better code.

2.0 - options with label and color button, change position button add form.

3.0 - you can now create own anty spam question ,and label inside email, and added url info.

4.0 - added i18n lang support (pl-en-es(THANKS ISLANDER!)), i removed antispam question,and create captcha, move Settings to settings section.

4.1 - smaller background captcha, fixed require input problem

5.0 - now support optional google recaptcha v2:)

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