Massive Admin Theme

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: November 24, 2021
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Author: multicolor
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Plugin Description:

//1.6 Grid Bootstrap 4 on ckeditor and theme (optional, you can turn just grid on ckeditor without css on front or with this), svg and webp support thumbnails on files tab. BS3,BULMA SOON. i18n support now, you can translate this and send me, i add this to next version.

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Time to massive Admin Theme!

This theme include function:

1.Maintenance mode option :) 2.shortcuts pages on frontend when you logged like lightbar plugin and sa admin panel . 3.New modern design 4.Responsive design (mobile friendly) 5.file uploader shortcut on page edit section :) 6.subpage show/hide 7.grid image and plugin design table. 8. url show on Page Management

//1.1 fixed some error

//1.2 now upload on root uploads folder without window popup ,and work with subfolder on url.

//1.3 fixed width theme editor, fixed link to edit components from pages section

//1.4 fixed few bugs like bad responsive, improved few line css and javascript

//1.5 dropzone.js included, many files extension support, and upload without refresh edited page. All new files is on uploads-folder created by massive admin plugin

//1.51 back to normal upload folder

Install Instructions:

Just install and turn on. Don't use with my previous plugin like light admin and light bar.

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