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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: January 17, 2023
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Author: multicolor
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Plugin Description:

MultiBlock is tools what you need!

With this plugin you can create every block with custom fields what you want.

You can: creator category block with template and custom fields Create block what you want with custom loop and own sort order.

You can create with this: Listing of services, products, team, food menu, etc.

v 2.0 fixed work many multiblock functions uses on one page.

Added new option: Dropdown & Thumbnail


ONEBlock support, you can create Block for use whooole website! Better File Browser, link input, Hide disable,add new button options


Example what you can do with this:

alternate text alternate text alternate text alternate text

Youtube how it's work and how to use:

Install Instructions:

Default Placeholder: mbvaluetext('valuename')

Wysiwyg Placeholder: mbvalue('valuename')

If you want to force list order (default is random), place in root element of template: mborder()

Place this into page template: getMultiBlock('categoryname')

Place this if you want to force list order: getMultiBlock('categoryname' , '#idContainer or .classContainer')


New function:

Dropdown placeholder: mbdropdown('valuename')

If you want use a dropdown, default value is:

example 1|example 2|example 3

Thumbnails placeholder: mbthumb('imageslug',300 or different number width)

OneBlock, created for template settings when you dont want use loop. Add placeholders directly to your Theme Template.

Default Placeholder: Wysiwyg Placeholder: Thumbnails placeholder:

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