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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 Beta -

Last Updated: September 20, 2011
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Author: dominionit
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Plugin Description:

Carting system for multiple categories and products. With product descriptions and pictures. Can currently do orders via PayPal, WebMoney and just e-mail order. Is close to a final release but can be used already.

When installed just look at instructions in config area all explained there.

Config can be found under Admin -> Plugins -> Dominion jCart

Cart system in placed in page by just adding a simple tag on the page you want.

Server side price validation is also done incase somebody tries to manipulate the price in java objects.

Look at forum for latest news and beta version.

//*********************************8 version 0.4 26 October 2010

Added : Config for plugin to include or not include jQuery 1.4.3 incase other plugins also include it or other version and it might clash with it.

New version : 0.4a

added : Cart box in product view screen. Note the checkout button will not show there, you must go back to main screen for now. will look at adding it to also to checkout from there.

Fixed : Product view not showing correctly

New version : 0.4b

Changed : Made that the information part of the product can now be entered with CKEditor. extra Pictures, colors etc. everything needed to make a more correct product description

New version : 04.c 27 October 2010

Added : Pagination (currently fixed to show 6 products per page) Added: Indexing per product name and per price if products saved for later use

Fixed : product thumbnail problem if file name has numbers in them (needs more testing maybe)

New version : 0.5

Added : Multi Language support Language file under


New version : 0.5a

Added rest of carting system text to language file

New version : 0.5b

Fixed : Problem on Linux machine when checking out with new language files.

new version : 0.5c

fix: language problem for product list in admin area

Version : 0.5e Date : 20 Sep 2011 GS Version : 3.1 Beta

Added - Order numbers can find file that control the order number under pluginpath/dominion-jcart/data/trn_control.cnt

Changed - System to work for GS 3.1

Install Instructions:

Unzip in Plugins folder Configure via Admin -> Plugins -> Dominion jCart

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