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Script Injector 0.2    (Plugin)

Allows you to setup multiple scripts, iframes anything client side and then in the...
TAGS: javascript inject page iframe

Theme Selector 0.4b    (Plugin)

Allows you to have a preview of all themes and select the one you want as active.
TAGS: theme select

Mp3 Plugin Extended 0.1d    (Plugin)

Creates a mp3 player for the specific files you specify you want a player for via a...
TAGS: mp3 player

Edit this Page - Plugin 0.1    (Plugin)

Allows you to edit pages from website if already logged in to admin console. Save...
TAGS: edit page admin

Addsense Enabler 1.0    (Plugin)

Allows you to place adds anywhere on page where you want via a...
TAGS: adsense google

Admin Page Edit Dialog box enhancement 0.3a    (Plugin)

Adds to the Images Dialog box that you use for page edit combo boxes to select...
TAGS: edit page image link files uploaded

Dominion Blog/News 0.5a    (Plugin)

Allows you to create multiple blogs and news groups with items under them with...
TAGS: blog news

Dominion jCart 0.5e    (Plugin)

Carting system for multiple categories and products. With product descriptions and...
TAGS: cart shopping orders

Mp3 Player Ultimate 0.2e    (Plugin)

Flexible Mp3 Player system that allows one to select from multiple mp3 players as...
TAGS: mp3 player audio music

Static pages plugin 0.3    (Plugin)

The purpose of the plugin is to create a plain html version of the pages created in...
TAGS: static page remote

Theme selector Advance 0.1b    (Plugin)

This plugin is meant to give you a remote view of all the themes on a central server...
TAGS: theme central