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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 Beta -

Last Updated: August 2, 2011
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Author: dominionit
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Plugin Description:

The purpose of the plugin is to create a plain html version of the pages created in GS. Pages can also be uploaded to a remote server and with auto upload on page saving the page will be auto uploaded. You can setup a base url that can be used for all links and page references, this means you can develop the page on localhost and when done just set your base = and recreate all pages with one click and then upload all with 1 click.

The plugin was orgininally created as per request as can be seen here.

Added in version 3 is option to get a website zip file for a new site for the first time, this will have the required files in it that you need for further updates as required.

Install Instructions:

unzip plugin in plugins folder go to plugins ->Static Pages type in password. click save. enter your base url (also your target for uploads) select auto upload if you wants to be uploaded on page save. create a base zip file for a new site and upload to new site (click on the 'Download Website Zip' file link) click recreate all pages if you just want to redo all pages (target site changed or theme changed) click upload all if you want to reload the remote sites files. click upload theme if you want latest theme upload to target site.

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