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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.1

Last Updated: March 2, 2012
Tags: dynamic content
Author: mvlcek
Author Website: http://mvlcek.bplaced.net
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Plugin Description:

The plugin allows you to use a placeholder to include a component on the page and even pass parameters to it:

{% component_name parameter1 parameter2 %}

Separate parameters by spaces or commas. You can enclose parameters in quotes or double quotes, if they contain spaces, commas or (the other kind of) quotes.

The component can access the parameters via the global array variable $args.

This plugin performs a similar task as the RePlaces plugin (which doesn't use components and doesn't allow parameters) and should not be used together with it.

Install Instructions:

Unzip into plugin directory.

Archived Versions:

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