Fancy URLs in IIS

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Compatible with: GetSimple 2.01 - 3.1

Last Updated: October 9, 2014
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Author: rjenkins1984
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Plugin Description:

GS Fancy URLs on IIS Windows Server


This server configuration file will allow the use of Fancy URLs in a GetSimple CMS installation running on IIS7.0, e.g. "" rather than "".



  • Stopped directives being inherited
  • Cut extension down to one file
  • Made compatible with GS installations inside other GS installations

Install Instructions:


  1. Extract web.config into the root of your GetSimple installation
  2. In GetSimple settings, enable Fancy URLs


  • If you are prompted to overwrite an existing file you should cancel and add integrate the config manually
  • If you are implemeting this in a GS installation inside another GS installation you will need to rename the rewrite rule on line 7
  • Contact me via if you have any problems

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